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Builder Series: Raw cut on all edges and fitment not finalized. You get all the hinges and brackets, none are installed. We mark most holes for mounts. No gaps aligned on panels.

Driver Series: Raw on edges but all hinges and panels installed. The frame is finish metal with edges smoothed. Gaps are rough so bodywork can be done to your specs.

Show Series: Just what it means – the frame is tig welded/laser welded. The body is all together, all gaps adjusted, but not dressed up. Body seams are finished and close to being ready for paint.  All hinges and parts requested will be installed and ready for use. The frame will go to powder coat and will be assembled prior to delivery. Any metal can be sent to powder coating if color is supplied at cost to the customer. Assembly can be done at the customer’s request but is an addition to base costs.

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Body Style Selection
Body Finish Selection
Year Requested
Frame Selection
Spindle Front
Mini Tubbed
Glass Installed
Weather Strip Kit
Windows - Door
Windows - QTR
Removable Top/Convertible if Applicable
Power Brakes
Power Brakes Options
Remote Reservoir Options
Brake Lines
Brakes - Front
Brakes - Rear
Parking Brakes
Rear End 9" Ford
Gear ratio will be determined before ordering.
Please explain what you plan to install.
Please describe what you plan to install.
Please specify the tires and wheels size you plan to use for correct back spacing of rear end and front end setup.
Fuel Tank
Fuel Lines
Fuel System
Steering Column
Specify seats for reinforcement .
Gas Tank Filler
Drive Shaft
AC System
AC Lines
Gas Springs for Lift Assist
Line Actuators